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Tips to Monitor your Child Phone Usage

Internet is considered as one of the great tools that are being used extensively in every field. It is also considered as a great educational tool for students for the learning purposes. However, the advancement in technology does have a darker side as well along with a clean and positive side. The invention of smartphones has maximized the use of the internet as they are quite handy and easy to use it. About 75% of children ages 12 to 17 years own cell phones and 25% own smartphones. They are …

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Apps Control Social Media Usage for Office and Home Users

With users unable to control their social media habits, and logging on to the social networking sites either through phones or their computers, the productivity in offices is reducing with a great margin. You will find that most offices across the globe are trying to ward off the social media usage so as to control the users and gain higher levels of productivity. While this is certainly the need of the hour, there seems to be no self control on the users. Just to refresh their minds, most users…

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Track Android Based Phones with Android Monitoring Software

When it comes to your child, you are careful about everything. Right from where he goes, how he reaches the place to is he actually going to a safe place or not. You feel that you have a right to know everything about your child. But, when you ask them certain questions, you get a very ambiguous answer. Reason being, you want to know everything, but they really don’t want to say everything. They feel they have a right to privacy. In this fight between rights, there are times when you don’t k…

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Track Your or Others’ Phone Using Mobile Phone Tracker App

SHARPSPY is designed to work with all non rooted phones perfectly. Many parents ask us to root the phone to do micro-level monitoring. To help them we have gathered list of application, they may use any from below. KingRoot ( OneClickRoot ( KingoRoot ( CF-AutoRoot ( List of supported devices.

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Monitor Text Messages in Your Child’s Phone

Have you ever felt that your child is hiding things from you? Privacy is a common word among kids these days. They feel everything that belongs to them should be kept private. Who are they talking to, or who are they meeting and where is all private, and hidden from the parents. Does this bother you? Do you feel insecure because you are unable to track their movements? It happens all the time to all parents, and that’s why parental tracking apps are becoming popular. It is your personal budge…

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Select the Right Parental Monitoring Apps for your Child

You are surrounded with tech savvy kids. While you are proud that your child knows how to operate the different gadgets better than you, it is still a double edged sword for you. You are always concerned whether your child is browsing the net keeping the safety measures in mind or not. When you are dealing with teens, you are even more concerned as they can misuse the internet and get unsafe. Privacy, though it is important especially for the teens, it is a matter of concern to the parents. How…

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